What are CSV
CSVnet Centri di servizio per il volontariato

What are CSV


The 9 regional, 57 provincial and 5 inter-provincial service centres for volunteering (CSVs) are managed by assemblies consisting of a total of 9,621 member associations that give life to collective management bodies including almost 1,000 volunteers. With a network of 377 help desks available in all Italian regions and 916 agents, the centres provide almost 215 thousand services free of charge to approximately 46 thousand parties, including 32 thousand voluntary organizations, 6,600 third sector agencies and 2,500 ‘informal groups’.

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CSVs organize their services in six areas:

  • Promotion of volunteering and local animation activities
    Promotion: 4,800 events organized, including conventions, exhibitions, campaigns etc.; 18 thousand guidance initiatives on volunteering and a continuous work in institutes of education involving 158 thousand students and 4,000 teachers or professors in 1,600 schools and 42 universities; 37 centres accredited by the National Civil Service, 18 centres accredited by the European Voluntary Service.
    Local animation activities: 3,180 meetings organized, engaging 6,800 voluntary organizations, 900 local bodies and 1,900 non-profit organizations.
  • Training: 2,150 activities (27 thousand hours in total) completed for 9 thousand organizations and 47 thousand participants.
  • Counselling: over 107 thousand services provided to 21,600 voluntary organizations, with a 27% increase in 5 years.
  • Communication: almost 20 thousand services provided to 11,300 voluntary organizations; newsletters sent by email to 181 thousand people.
  • Documentation: 59 centres manage a documentation centre on volunteering and non-profit activities (documents include a total of 113 thousand books).
  • Logistics: 78 thousand services provided to over 13 thousand organizations.


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